Note: Specific requirements may vary depending on the insurance provider.


1. Initial Phone Screening

Within 24-48 hours of initial contact, we conduct a phone screening with the patient. Patient (or parent of minor) provides signed consent for medical release of information via fax or scan.

What you'll need: 
Insurance card and Driver’s license or ID

2. Medical Records Gathered for Review

  • Summary of treatment from Mental Health provider (if applicable)

  • Progress note/summary of care from PCP

  • Findings from recent physical exam (within past month) from PCP

  • Results of recent lab work (within last 2 weeks) from PCP

  • Medical clearance from PCP or the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Program at Golisano Children’s Hospital, if patient has been treated there

What you'll need:
Physical exam (within past month), Lab work (within past 2 weeks). If unavailable, please schedule necessary appointments

3. Follow-up Evaluations

In some cases, Clinical Director may request that patient receive additional evaluations, e.g., chemical dependence.

What you'll need: 
If needed, schedule requested evaluations

4. Clinical Review

Clinical Director reviews patient file to determine whether partial hospitalization is appropriate level of care for patient.

Concerns as to whether partial hospitalization is the appropriate level of care for patient are discussed with patient’s PCP and referring behavioral health therapist.

What you'll need:
Review cannot begin until Office Manager has received results of physical exam, lab work, and additional evaluations (if requested).

5. Schedule Intake Evaluation

Following approval for intake, Office Manager will contact patient/parent(s) to schedule in-person Intake Evaluation

What you'll need:
Parents of adolescent patients should plan to attend interview with child.

Out-of-town patients should make travel arrangements. Contact our office manager for information on discounted lodging options.

6. Intake Evaluation

Patient (and parent[s] of minors) arrive at our facility for Intake Evaluation. During appointment:

  • Patient given tour and description of facility

  • Patient is interviewed (for adolescent patients, interview is conducted with patient-only first, after which parent[s] join to provide information)

  • Patient/parent[s] completes financial and medical release forms

  • Patient completes treatment packet; parents receive separate packet to be completed and returned at later date

  • Treatment expectations are reviewed

What you'll need:
If tutoring services are needed, the parent is provided written material and contact information for our BOCES tutors.

7. Begin Program

Depending on status of patient meeting admission criteria and insurance requirements, patient may begin program the same day. If immediate intake is not possible, admission or decision date is set.

What you'll need:
Typically, patients/parents will be advised in advance as to whether their insurance permits immediate intake into program following interview; patients should be prepared to begin treatment that day, if possible.