Misty Bolte

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Misty Bolte, LMSW

Primary Therapist

Misty is a licensed Social Worker for the Elder Abuse Prevention Program (EAPP) at Lifespan. In 2016, she earned the Ursula Forum Domestic Violence Program Employee Fellowship through Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. Through this fellowship, Misty has specialized in research, education and direct services in the field of trauma across the lifespan of older adults.

In 2017 Misty created the Life Event Screening Tool, an instrument designed for professionals to help identify life stressors that can be experienced in the lifespan of an adult; as well as single out specific stressors that could contribute to poor health conditions. Combining the use of her new screening tool with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) questionnaire and a comprehensive biopsychosocial, Misty aims to help older adults find coping strategies for undiagnosed histories of long-term trauma.

Prior to her current position, Misty held a dual role created between EAPP and Eldersource (ES) to bridge the gap between service provision for older adults at risk of abuse. The position was a successful collaboration of programming by initiating another resource for colleagues to brainstorm challenging situations, questions, and strengthen interagency networking.

In 2013, Misty began volunteering for BIVONA Child Advocacy Center (CAC) gaining firsthand insight into the impact of childhood traumas traversing into adulthood if not addressed. She provides training to professionals on the topic of Trauma Informed Care when working with older adults and was a Keynote Speaker for the Monroe County Mental Health Association Conference in 2017.

Misty is an active member of the Domestic Violence Consortium and she was a co-facilitator for the Pilot Trauma Support Group Collaborative Program between BIVONA CAC, Lifespan, Willow, Resolve, Restore, and Mt. Hope Family Therapy. 

Misty holds a Bachelor of Science from State University of New York College at Brockport for Psychology, and a Master of Social Work from The Greater Rochester Collaborative of Nazareth and State University of New York at Brockport. While earning her graduate degree in social work, Misty was employed by the Catholic Family Center Adult Guardianship Program and completed her field placements with Monroe County Adult Protective Services and Lifespan Elder Abuse Prevention Program. Misty received a Clinical Certification as a Trauma Professional through PESI, a Certificate for Certified Case Management through Boston University, and completed an independent study of Bessel A Van Der Kolk’s: The Body Keeps the Score through PESI. Misty’s Social Work practice is infused with a trauma-informed care perspective.