Elizabeth Colebeck, MSW

Elizabeth Colebeck

Elizabeth Ou, MSW

Primary Therapist

Elizabeth is a primary therapist with experience in trauma work, addictions, and mental illness. Elizabeth earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from Roberts Wesleyan College and during her training, she received experience as a group therapist at the Rochester Regional Health PROS Program and spent a year at the VA as a PTSD therapist. Prior to earning her Masters Degree in Social Work, Elizabeth earned her Masters of Education Degree from Nazareth College. Elizabeth taught as an elementary school educator for three years and it was during those years when she realized her desire to provide more individualized support to those struggling with an eating disorder. Elizabeth is excited to take the training and skills she has gained as an educator and apply that knowledge with the skills she has learned while being a therapist. Elizabeth hopes to join together and walk beside patients and families as they walk this journey towards recovery and healing.