Hope and Healing in recovery always occur within a context of connections. These connections include:
  • the connections we have with ourselves
  • the connections we have with others, and
  • the connections we have with the world and universe around us
At The Healing Connection we view Eating Disorders as Diseases of Disconnection, and we understand that an Eating Disorder will do all it can to sever growth-fostering connections, leaving the vulnerable individual completely or primarily connected to the disorder. The Eating Disorder will create burden, stress, and strain for the sufferer, family members, and friends in the hope of maintaining tension, conflict, exhaustion, and isolation in order to guarantee its continued existence.

We work with the recovering individual and loved ones to restore the patient's connection with her/himself and others and help the patient feel empowered and able to disconnect from the eating disorder. The Healing Connection programming helps strengthen the patient physically, emotionally, and spiritually to re-connect with others or build new relationships that promote lasting recovery. The staff at The Healing Connection are committed to partnering with recovering individuals and their loved ones to promote the growth-in-connection that each of us needs to experience a full recovery and a full life.
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