Hear from patients and families how The Healing Connection can empower you or a loved one to rebuild connections to self and others.

A video testimonial from a parent of a patient (Duration 6min. 50sec.)


In the words of our patients...

The Healing Connection is a life changing place. Going there completely turned my life around. The therapy groups, the support - all of it was just generally incredible. The Healing Connection saved my life. It was reassuring and comforting to be surrounded by individuals who knew exactly what I felt and feared, and to know, no matter what, we were not alone.

The program made me realize that the eating disorder is not who I am. It is a disease that I was fighting...

I believe this program has the opportunity to change lives. Before coming here I felt hopeless, alone, and discouraged that life would never get better. The staff and atmosphere has helped me to believe that I was worthy of a life without ED. I will be forever grateful that b/c of this program, I will be able to move onto the next step in my life. I will recover!
Former THC patient (2015)

THC was the best thing of my entire life.
Former THC patient

My eating disorder ruled my life. It defined who I was for over 20 years. During that time I had moments of strength when I looked for help from someplace... someone... anything. What I found seemed to be that if you were an adult dealing with ED then you had "missed the boat," so to speak. Any program or facility was strictly for under 18 years of age. I knew I needed more than an outpatient model could offer. Thus I would give up when hitting these dead ends and my ED would again rule my actions. This cycle continued for 20+ years until I heard about The Healing Connection and called. I entered treatment 2 days later! The people at The Healing Connection were amazing. They were truly the answer to my prayers for help.

The staff were incredibly responsive to my needs and they were endlessly patient, receptive and caring. Without seeing the effort from them and the passion that they have for their work, I would not have been able to put as much of myself into this program as I did. I think that consistency and accountability is crucial in recovery.  Without it, it is very easy for ED to sneak in and take advantage.  I am grateful for the times that the staff wouldn’t let me get away with shutting down. Without their encouragement, pushing, and prodding, I wouldn’t have been able to spread my wings.
Former THC patient

In the words of our patients' loved ones...

Learning how the ED is a disease of disconnection was very helpful. The program helped us make connections with others. This is the key to making a full recovery... Small, steady steps forward. It is difficult to get unstuck from something that makes you feel good, even if it is hurting you and your family.
Susan & Tom, parents

After several years of being treated for an eating disorder, my daughter has finally received treatment for the total illness - the underlying causes: her fear of growing up and taking on responsibilities in the adult world. Her discharge from The Healing Connection includes a plan to help her gain skins and move on with her life.
Meg, parent

We were getting nowhere on our own at home and it was becoming very stressful... The sessions helped the whole family become very comfortable talking about the eating disorder.
Parents of a patient

We all grew to truly understand that the eating disorder was separate from our daughter.
Parents of a patient

The care, sensitivity, expertise, communication, and responsiveness of the staff was excellent. We appreciate your collaborative approach and candid communication.
Parents of a patient

I'm not sure if any of the positive outcomes would have been realized without the extremely knowledgeable and caring staff/program at The Healing Connection!!! I miss them already.
Alex, husband