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Hope and Healing in recovery always occur within a context of connections. These connections include:

  • The connections we have with ourselves
  • The connections we have with others, and
  • The connections we have with the world and universe around us

The Healing Connection views eating disorders as diseases of disconnection, and understands that an eating disorder will do all that it can to sever positive relationships leaving the individual primarily connected to the eating disorder. The Healing Connection strengthens the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to:

  • Help the patient feel empowered to disconnect from the eating disorder and reconnect with his/her genuine feelings, needs, life values, and goals.
  • Help the patient reconnect with others and build new relationships that promote lasting recovery.

The staff at The Healing Connection is committed to partnering with recovering individuals and their loved ones to promote the growth-in-connection that each of us needs to experience a full recovery and a full life.


Family and Relationally-Based: Recovery from eating disorders occurs in the context of connections. Because eating disorders are diseases of disconnection (disconnecting the patient from him/herself and others, and disconnecting the family/supports from others), all patients and families have a need for a recovery community that may or may not exist before treatment. The staff at The Healing Connection helps patients and family members identify who will be their recovery supports and engages these supports during treatment and discharge planning.